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8:30am Sunday 8:30 am Sunday
2nd Service
10:30am Sunday 10:30 am Sunday

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Our church is located between Powell and Cody on Highway 294.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

When Covid-19 first came on the scene of our lives back in March we made the decision to voluntarily close our church in response to the authorities in our state. In May before we reopened the Governor made it clear that his health orders do not apply to churches. Based on his comments we were free to operate our church as we saw fit. There has been no communication that contradicts his statements.

With this in mind, masks are not required to enter or participate in worship services at Faith Community Church. Each person needs to weigh the risk as they believe them to be and take actions based on their own comfort level and convictions. 

Please be respectful and kind to everyone.